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Essential Open Water Swimming Kit for Beginner Triathletes

It’s early April and lakes up and down the country are opening for a spot of open water swimming. Hurrah!

A Beginner Triathlete’s Guide to Running in the Woods

By far the best idea I’ve had in my short triathlon career was to listen to a colleague at work when, to my whinge that I was bored of normal training, she said, “…go running in the woods, you’ll love it!”. And, she was right. I did. I’m now loving a bit of the old […]
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3 New Goals for the Coming Triathlon Season.

Its taken a while to get to this space (in my head) but I finally have my “training” mojo back. I’ve done practically nothing by way of training since Austria and the question now is; do I feel any the better for it? Back in August I wrote about the phenomenom of the Ironman Blues, obviously […]
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6 Techniques to Beat the Post Ironman Blues

I can honestly say I will never forget that finishing shoot as long as I live. Utterly overwhelming. I’m so proud of my achievement, I know I’ve inspired my (some of my) mates, I know I’ve made (most of) my family proud and I’ve raised good money for a deserving charity. I am fitter now than […]
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Getting the M dot Ironman tattoo.

Once you’ve successfully completed a full distance official Ironman event, you’ve earned the right to call yourself an Ironman and get yourself an ‘M dot’ Ironman tattoo. The ‘M dot’ is the name given to the logo that the official Ironman corporation uses. It’s typically a thick red ‘M’ with an equally thick red dot placed just above it in […]
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Massive Thank you

You blow me away… One email was all it had taken. ‘Can you help me out?’ was all I’d asked. Words can’t describe how grateful I am. It has unquestionably made the whole crazy journey worthwhile. Thank you to everyone who kindly donated. The Coins Foundation will know exactly what to do with the money […]
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‘YOU ARE AN IRONMAN’ – A First Timer’s Review

A full blown account of the 2013 Ironman Austria race day from a first timers perspective… maybe my experiences will encourage other beginners to go for it, to conquer their own first Ironman challenge? Who knows. I hope so. I warn you now though, this is not a short post (in fact it’s about 13 […]
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Back on track with 2 weeks to go.

Sun cream, that’s what I’m yet to buy. Sun cream. I seemed to have bought everything else to date. Triathlon is not for the feint hearted in the wallet department. I’ve been nursed back to somewhere near full fitness by the rock-like support and love of my better half. Lisa has sorted my diet out […]
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Miles and miles and miles… 5 weeks to go

I’ve developed a very real apathy for putting pen to paper this month. I think the main reason being that the training has seemed more sporadic than intentional. I seem to have ramped up ‘junk miles’ rather than being focused on quality sessions. We had a couple of good days of sun early in the […]
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10 weeks to go

Week 18 was about getting back on my feet, not training too hard and finding my legs and lungs again. It was difficult not to push too hard too quickly but I managed to get through without agitating the man flu. In total I managed around 13 hours of training at a really slow and […]
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