Nick and Leese

An Ironman and not divorced!

My name is Nick. I’m an ordinary chap. Husband to the very gorgeous Lisa and Dad to Alfie and Lola. During the day I run a digital marketing agency in Milton Keynes called Pauley Creative.

This blog is about my journey to the start-line of Ironman Austria 2013 and the people who helped me get through the middle and out the other end.

My goals are to get there injury-free, not divorced and fit enough to enjoy the whole day. At the same time I hope to raise money for the very deserving Coins Foundation projects.

I’m not an athlete but, with a bit of luck, a modicum of training and a fair wind, I’ll be able to call myself an “Ironman” by July 1st 2013.

Update: August 2013

I (we) did it. I’m officially an Ironman finisher.

And I’ve written it all down here for your reading pleasure plus you’ve got to check out this brilliant video.


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