3 New Goals for the Coming Triathlon Season.

Its taken a while to get to this space (in my head) but I finally have my “training” mojo back.

I’ve done practically nothing by way of training since Austria and the question now is; do I feel any the better for it?

Back in August I wrote about the phenomenom of the Ironman Blues, obviously i didn’t have that (I don’t get ill) the issue was I just didn’t have anything else to focus on, race-wise that is.

Yes, I’ve run a bit, I’ve even cycled a bit, but I’ve not been back in the water (too much like hard work) and I’m back to the weight I was when I started training for Austria back in late December 2012. Not good.

But actually I’m sort of OK with that, if anything, that’s what’s got me back into the state of mind that I’m in now.

We’ve been going running in the woods on the weekends, not too far, maybe for about an hour or so, and in any direction we’ve fancied.

Plus, we’ve also started going out on the bike again, just for a couple of hours of a Sunday morning, and again nothing structured just an hour out and back with a cheeky coffee and sausage sandwich stop on the return leg.

Frankly, this whole relaxed approach has been a revelation. Lets face it, I’m no Olympic athlete and not taking our selves so seriously for a few months has been fabulous.

I’ve clearly needed the extra rest, needed the break from any structured training (in the head at least, the body has clearly suffered) and now, after all the festive troughing, my body is telling me to get off my fat lazy arse and start to train again.

And I’m ready for it. Overweight, unfit and ready for it.

But what is it going to be?

Well, it just happens to be 10 weeks to my first “race”, I’m calling it a training race – the Dambuster duathlon. 

A further 10 weeks on and we get to my first real race, the one I want to be properly ready for – the Slateman – a reasonably hilly triathlon.

 And then a further 16 weeks until the final race for 2014 – The Vitruvian – a tough, undulating, half Iron distance triathlon. I’d like to be in good nick for that too.

Those then are the races, the World Cup sits neatly in the middle of the two, and my goals to get the most out of the the 2014 season are now three-fold:

  1. To build a stronger core – to help with all three disciplines.
  2. To develop a better bike technique – to get me up the hills.
  3. Learn to enjoy swimming again – I don’t know why I have a love/hate relationship with swimming but I intend to work it through.

That then leads me to my ultimate goal for the next 18 months which is… (drum roll…)

  1. A sub 12hr Ironman next summer.

Training schedule starts proper on Monday 30th December. My triathlon mojo is returning.

Enjoy your 2014 whatever you get up to.

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