Back on track with 2 weeks to go.

Klagenfurt Weather image

It’s hot. hot and wet.

Sun cream, that’s what I’m yet to buy. Sun cream. I seemed to have bought everything else to date. Triathlon is not for the feint hearted in the wallet department.

I’ve been nursed back to somewhere near full fitness by the rock-like support and love of my better half. Lisa has sorted my diet out boosting the protein intake so that we could redeem the lost muscle. Internally (Stomach-wise that is) we are in a much more solid state 🙂

What this means is I’ve eaten somewhere near the entire stock of beef, chicken, pork and fish in the Stony Stratford, Budgens meat section.

Sunday just gone (17th June) saw a long bike that has given me real confidence again. Seventy five miles at a good pace (just over 17mph) with a gentle 15 minute treadmill run at the end.

Sorted my head out no end. My training has been more consistent, the sessions have had more focus and I’m feeling like I’m getting stronger and fitter again.

I’ve averaged about 10-11 hours of training a week over the last 3 weeks, I’ve eaten better, and I’ve put weight back on. I’ve been in the lake at least twice and although I’ve not got to pool as often as I’d like I feel like I’m going to be OK wetsuit or non-wetsuit swim on the day.

The heat in Klagenfurt appears to be rising (see pic at the top) so I’m guessing it will be a non wetsuit.

The heat is a worry. So much so that I’ve recently tried further triathlon retail therapy to combat the extra challenge. Arm coolers, a Lawrence of Arabia style cap, cooling compression t-shirts (that are way too big) and another drinks carrying belt. I am going to look like an extra from the Emperor Strikes Back.

Oh, and I also bought a drinks holder for the bike. The type that sits behind the saddle. This lasted all of 20 miles and then fell off costing me £30 – I could not fix it at the side of the road and my pockets weren’t up to the job – piece of junk.

I’ve no doubt that all of these bits of kit are going to help [sarcasm] but right now they are making me feel better and besides, they are making the canal boat dwellers of the Grand Union laugh as I trot passed them of a Friday morning.

If I’m honest, and I will be, I’ve had enough of training now. Enough of eating wet carbs and protein. Enough of getting up at 4.45am on a Sunday. I’m not going to get any fitter, I’m ready NOW, bring it on.

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