Miles and miles and miles… 5 weeks to go

I’ve developed a very real apathy for putting pen to paper this month. I think the main reason being that the training has seemed more sporadic than intentional. I seem to have ramped up ‘junk miles’ rather than being focused on quality sessions. We had a couple of good days of sun early in the month but since then the weather hasn’t improved much and getting outside seems more like a proper chore.

I’ve been ill, again, stomach issues this time. Too many business lunches, too many energy gels, energy drinks, energy gels, sugary flapjacks, energy gels and not enough consistency in my diet apart from energy gels. My weight has dropped from 10st 6lbs to 10st 1lb in about 2 weeks. All the muscle and endurance I’d built up seems to have deteriorated.

I’ve continued with my swim training though and been to the pool as often as I can but, if I think about it, that too has been patchy.

I’d also made the decision to ride out on my own for a couple of weeks, for fear of slowing everyone else up, and for fear on knackering myself up – doing too much to quickly again. Get to the start uninjured is the mantra in my head… “you can do anything in a day…” as Keith and Jane keep saying.

In summary May has not been a great month.

However… on a happier note… coming out the end of it, I’m feeling better (definitely lighter) and hoping that I can get some good sessions in towards the end of the month to get back on track. Plus my wife Lisa has nailed the flapjack, so much better than M&S. She is properly awesome.

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