10 weeks to go

Wobble Board

Wobble boarding at the office…

Week 18 was about getting back on my feet, not training too hard and finding my legs and lungs again. It was difficult not to push too hard too quickly but I managed to get through without agitating the man flu. In total I managed around 13 hours of training at a really slow and manageable pace. The slow runs were not as slow as the slow bikes. Outside was difficult due to the cold that I could feel going straight to my chest (such a wuss!)

But, we got through it and I felt great at the end of the week. Week 19 saw me back on it. Swimming was good, running was getting better and I got out on my bike for a long 4 hr ride out on my own. That helped my confidence no end. I completed a long 12 mile run too with a good few hills throw in.

Now in week 20 and coming to the end of the ‘Build’ phase. I hope to have completed a good long ‘brick’ session – a 4hr bike followed by a 2hr run – at the end of this week to guage where I am (I got this idea from Keith). I’ll let you know how that goes in due course. Completed 2.5k in the pool for the first time too. It was good to get the distance in even if it was inside.

More and more I’m coming around to the mindset that I want to achieve my priority goal – to get to the start without injury and as prepared as I can be mentally. It’s week 20, we’ve got 10 weeks to go – 10 more weekends – and I’m feeling positive.

The one area I need to address with some urgency is my core and with the help of my new wobble board (see ludicrous picture at the top of this post) I hope to grow a six pack while standing around in the office!

So, at this point I’m feeling good. I’m never going to win this event (this is a given), but right now, in my head, I might just allow myself enjoy it.

Nb. This week came the tragic events at the Boston marathon and my thoughts go out to the friends and families of those affected. At times like these you are reminded that life is fragile and in most instances well out of your control but, we must not terrorised – Keep Calm and Carry on… a great article from the Boston Atlantic

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