F*%K Training, Gone Skiing


Skiing instead of training

If I’m honest, weeks 14 and 15 were a bit of a mess from a training point of view. Family came first, work got in the way and the weather didn’t help. I got tired of counting calories, alcohol units and counting the hours on various exercise machines. I didn’t get in the pool enough either although a great training session with Keith at the Shed helped sort my head out. I managed to get the bare minimum in – two long runs and two long bikes, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Week 16 came as a bit of a relief. I went Skiing with my son and his school and had a fantastic time crossing from the french to the Italian Alps and back again to our base at Montgenevre for a full 6 days. We enjoyed fabulous weather and very little by way of queues on any of the runs. I took my trainers in a vain effort to continue with ‘time on my feet’ but in truth they were never worn for running.

Week 17 brought with it a chest infection and yet again training had to take a back seat. I tried not to get frustrated, rested as much as possible and tried to eat the right things.

And that was a good four week spell of non-ironman-training!

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