Ironman food diary…



Funny old week this one. I went to see the nutritionist and she asked if I’d make a food diary of everything I ate for a week. I had to put a score out of 10,  1 being shit, 10 being awesome (we’ll call this the shitometer), for certain times of the day and I recorded my training at the same time.

I warn you now, if you continue to read this, it is likely to be the most boring thing you have ever read. Ever. Here goes…

Friday 1st Feb
Woke up at 5.30am. Snoozed for 30mins. Had a large coffee with frothed milk.
How do I feel? 6.20am 1=shitty, 10=euphoric. Probably a 5. Got a very mild headache – only noticeable if I think about it. Told myself not to think about it.
Ate cod, mash, peas and parsley sauce last night and no wine. Well done me. Had a banana. Went swimming. Swam for 50minutes.
Breakfast: 1 bacon roll [Mcdonalds] and M&S granola and yogurt pot. Ate clementine and banana at 10am snack time.
Lunch: 3 qtr sandwiches, mini sausages, mini scotch eggs, handful of crispies – client lunch – nutritional euquivalent of a chinese burn.
How do I feel at 4pm? Still in a meeting!! 5.30pm, in the car heading home. Ate a clementine and a banana.
Dinner 8pm. Pasta-pesto with pancetta and spinach. 2 x Glasses of red wine. 1 x home-made orio cup cake with cream. Lardy.

Saturday 2nd Feb
Woke up at 7.30am. Had a large coffee with frothed milk. How do I feel on the shitometer? Probably a 6/7, pretty good actually. Long run 1:20hrs (ave 8.45 m/m), had a Zip fit Gel at 40mins. Breakfast: Scrambled egg on toast followed by a granola and yoghurt. Snack time… Banana and clementine at 12pm
At 13:30hrs I had one and a half chicken and rocket sandwiches for lunch with a small bottle of lucozade revive. I then shared a mini packet of mini haribo with my son. He had one more than me.
At 4pm I sat down to watch rugby, felt about 5ish maybe 6 on the shitometer, bit tired but not to shabby. Clementine and a banana.
At 7pm I had fish fingers, chips and peas. 1 x Glass of red wine made it a very posh occasion. After that I had 1 x home-made orio cup cake with cream and strawberries. Lardy daa.

Sunday 3rd Feb
Felt pretty good this morning, got up at 5:45am. Lets say a 6 or a 7 on the richter scale. Had the usual large coffee (frothy milk) and a big bowl of porridge.
Managed an excellent 3:00hrs bike ride is the filthiest weather ever. Still excellent though cold and wet. Had yogurt and granola followed by two bacon and poached egg rolls at 11.30ish. A clementine at 1pm. Half a piece of toast with a small slice of ham at 2.15pm.
At 4.30pm I felt 5 or 6 out of 10 on the shitometer so I ate little tub of cashews.
At 5.15pm I had two pork steaks and rice, haricot vert and carrots washed down with a glass of juice. At 5.45pm I had a Cornetto. Random but nice.

This feels like the longest post ever… I apologise.

Monday 4th Feb
I woke at 5.45 but didn’t get up until 7am. Lazy bugger. Feel pretty tired – a 3 or a 4 until the caffeine kicked in. No exercise today due to general shatterednessness. Clobbered a bowl of porridge at 7.30am. Went to work. At Clementine I had a 10am followed by an 11am at 9 bar…!
At lunch I had a 3 tier chicken sandwich in toasted vogel bread with the gas man. At cup of tea I had 4 biscuits and a 4pm. Snack time (6pm) was a juicy Clementine. Dinner was an awesome Morrisons steak sandwich in a bread bap with boiled spinach, fried mushrooms and onions and some bodega olivesfrom Morrisons which are just delicious. This was followed by some homemade chocolate muffins with cream and with strawberries and blueberries. I’m saying ‘homemade’ before all this delicious sweet stuff to somehow lighten the load on my body. It works in my head. That’s enough for me.

Tuesday 5th Feb
Got up normal time. 6ish. Had the normal shot of coffee followed by a banana. Felt tired but ok 5 or a 6 on the shitometer.
Did a nice 1 hr run outside in the fresh air. Had yogurt and granola followed by two poached eggs on burgen toast at 8am which was lovely.
At 10.20am I guzzled a glass water and chewed a rather ‘orrible 9 bar with seeds and other rabbit stuff in it. At 12.30pm I had a client lunch at the pub – battered haddock and chips washed down with a pint diet coke. Very nice too. At 4pm I battered a clementine. Felt ok 5 or 6 on the sh’ometer. At 6.40pm it was banana time again. At 8pm I went swimming with the shedsters at Whittlebury, had another banana at 9.15pm, got home and had 3 pieces of Vogel toast with peanut butter and honey at 10pm.

Wednesday 6th Feb
Up at 6. Felt a bit thick headed. 3 or 4. Went for banana and coffee fix for breakfast. Then nailed a sesh on the rollers for 45 mins (with 5min intervals). That was followed by 4 lovely pancakes with maple syrup and granola and yogurt at 7.30am. Banana time at 11am, with a lovely cuppa tea. Lunch at 2pm was 2x M&S wraps (duck/chicken). Poor decision. Felt windy all afternoon. The packet of cashews at 2.45pm didn’t help either. At 17:30 I felt pretty good say 5 or 6.
At 7.00pm I had pasta with spinach and bacon. At 8pm I gobbled a slice of carrot cake – homemade obviously.

Thursday 7th Feb
Got up like normal. Felt 5 or 6 out of 10. I wonder what feeling 10/10 must be like. I must just be being a bit tough on the scoring. Had my usual froffy coffee and a banana. Did 40min on the old weights. And then did 30 min run. Ate yogurt, granola, strawberries banana, actimel yogurt drink and another banana probably for breakfast. Had an early lunch at 11.45am which was poached eggs and toast and ham. Banana time at 2pm. Started to yawn at 3.25pm, felt 5ish, so nailed a bit of carrot cake! Rice and curry and vegetables for dinner at 7pm finished off the days scoffing.

And finally, to round the whole seven days of fooding…

Friday 8th Feb
Coffee, granola and yoghurt at 7am. Had to be in Andover for early doors client meeting so no exercise…
Yoplait and flapjack and clementine in the car at around 9.30 ish.
Flapjacks at 11.30am, into next meeting. Pasta and sausage lunch at 13.40 in the car! Lovely.
At 3.00pm I felt sleepy, a  3 or a 4, but still in the car, not clever, so pushed down a few homemade flapjacks. A clementine at 4.30 got me home.
Dinner at 7pm was salmon, potato and a waldorf salad. Proper posh. A glass of white wine (x 2) was called for too.

Vital statisticals on Saturday 9 feb 12 were….drum roll…

Weight 10.88
Chest 36
Waist 33.5
Hips 33
Thighs 21
Arms 12
Neck 15

Alcohol unit intake was – 11.5 units. Training hours were about 9 hours or so. All in all I felt pretty good, which amounts to a 6 on the scientific shitometer. Next week I don’t think I’m going to measure anything at all. I’m going to have a week off.

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