149 days to go…

Download of training for week 9.

This week felt much better [than last week at any rate] and the snow and ice and shit has gone. Actually felt like I was getting somewhere and when I look back it appears I’ve not only broken double figures for hours in training but I’ve also drank half as much wine. Plus… double plus, I finally got in the pool on three – count ’em – three separate occasions. So, my goal to be the best swimmer I can be is on, with a vengance… Other point to mention… I met one Liz Soames of Workingbodies in Towcester… there will be more on how that went next week – it may change what gets written in this log!

Monday 28th Jan:
Rest day. Felt good. Went for a swim. Superman drills, balance, breathing and head position.
Evening Alcohol Unit Count [EAUC]: 2.3

Tues 29th Jan:
My oldest friends’ dad died. Sad day. Consoled myself by doing an hour on the treadmill thinking, reflecting on how he’d been a part of my life (as well as my mates, obviously) for the last 30 years – he’d watched us grow up – RIP Greg. Seeing Keith at the Swimshed was a tonic as usual.
EAUC: 2.3

Wed 30th Jan:
Interval session. 45 minutes on the rollers – obligatory fall and still in trainers – and then on to the treadmill for 15 of the queens finest minutes.
EAUC: 0.0

Thurs 31st Jan:
Hour on the turbo at 100rpm first thing whilst watching an hour of TED talks. This was followed later in the day by a meeting in Towcester with Liz Soames. Couple of things sunk in pretty quickly… 1. Alcohol is a “poison” (bugger!) and b. You can eat bacon sandwiches in the morning – wahey!

I have to keep a log of everything I eat and when I eat it and how I feel at certain times of the day.
EAUC: 0.0

Fri 1st Feb:
Swam for an hour in a pool. Worked on my head position and breathing. Actually enjoyed it!
EAUC: 4.6

Sat 2nd Feb:
Long run, 1hr 20 along the Great Ouse in Stony. Mostly beautiful. Out and back route at about 8:45 pace. HR watch had packed up so no idea on that front.
EAUC: 2.3

Sun 3rd Feb:
Fantastic long bike ride (3hrs – 45 miles or so) with Rob and Jase. Absolutely brilliant. Bit windy but generally excellent to be out on the bike with the boys.
EAUC: 0.0

In summary: Just over 10hrs training (no weights I might add. Not quite sure what happened there) and around 11.5 units of Alcohol. Weight at the start of week was 10st 11lbs, weight Monday morning was 10st 8lbs.

There you have it, 149 days to go, have a great week. Nick

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