156 days to go…

Me looking cool in hi-vis shizzle.

Me looking cool in hi-vis shizzle.

Download of training for week 8. This week I felt was tough. Not tough in the sense that I did a lot of hard stuff, more like tough to get motivated, tough to get going. However, having said that I finally got in the pool and my pledge to be the best swimmer I can be is back on track. Wine intake has been sporadically moderate, I can’t tell you how sporadic, or how moderate because I didn’t really measure my intake. This might be a sign that I’m not obsessing over this part of my training any more…

Monday 21st Jan:
Rest day. Did nothing as instructed by Don Fink.
Evening Alcohol Unit Count [EAUC]: 2.3 (approx)

Tues 22nd Jan:
Did a half hour on strength training in the morning. Bench press sets, Dead lift sets, leg raise things, kettle bell sets. Followed by a 1hr run from home, 30 minutes out and back ā€“ Bloody freezing but actually quite brilliant to be out and off the treadmill (see pic). Went swimming at Whittlebury in the evening with the sheddies. Hurrah!
EAUC: 0.0

Wed 23rd Jan:
Interval session. 50 minutes on the rollers (fell off once/still in trainers) and then quickly on to the treadmill for 10 minutes, cut short due to being generally late for work.
EAUC: Who knows?

Thurs 24th Jan:
Lunch time run – 30 mins out and 30 back. Cold, slippery and not particularly enjoyable but in the ‘bank’ as they say.
EAUC: Who knows!

Fri 25th Jan:
Nothing. Nada. Nowt.
EAUC: 4.6

Sat 26th Jan:
Weights session followed by 1 hour on the treadmill.
EAUC: 6.9 (and a chinese take away. Lush).

Sun 27th Jan:
Long bike ride (2hrs 30ish – just shy of 40 miles) with Rob and Jase. Absolutely brilliant. T’was windy and grizzly but generally fantastic to be back out on the bike with the boys. Finished the weekend off with a super long walk in the forest with Leese (my lovely wife), the tiddlers and Neo (the dog).
EAUC: 2.3

In summary: 8hrs 30m training and around 25.3ish units of Alcohol. Weight at start of week was 10st 10lbs, weight Monday morning was 10st 12lbs – what is going here is beyond me! This week has mostly been about the snowy, icy, slushy, shitty weather and my new found ability to go swimming – well, once at least.

Thank you, have a good week. Nick

Btw, given it’s nearly the end of January I won’t be asking for money to sponsor my efforts here ā€“ or will I bang on about how all proceeds go to the Coins Foundation yada, yada, yada… but normal begging will resume next week.

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