163 days to snow…

Snowing. Not running (or biking), just snowing.

Snowing. Not running (or biking), just snowing.

A download of my training for week 7. The days are flying by. My reluctance to get back in the pool is worrying. My pledge to be the best swimmer I can be is not going well. I also measured the wine glass volume. Not good either. However, highlights this week have been the introduction of the weights and a run at lunch from the office. I know, get me! But then the snow came and that put a wee spanner in the works.

Monday 14th Jan:
Rest day. Did an hour on strength training in the evening. Bench press sets, Dead lift sets, leg raise things, kettle bell sets. Some stomach crunches and press ups. Will try and create a more structured approach as I go.
Evening Alcohol Unit Count [EAUC]: 4.6

Tues 15th Jan:
1hr run from the office 30 minutes out and back – Bloody freezing and the shower at work is pithy. No swim. Writing ‘No swim’ makes me feel bad and therefore should motivate me to get me arse in gear this coming week.
EAUC: 2.3

Wed 16th Jan:
Interval session. 50 minutes on the rollers (fell off once) and then quickly on to the treadmill for 15 minutes keeping the HR at a low zone 2. Am finding that my TT bike seat doesn’t get anymore comfortable.
EAUC: 2.3

Thurs 17th Jan:
No swim again. Did a 1hr turbo session at 100rpm. Felt difficult at the time and I’m weary of going too hard, but it was definitely a good session.
EAUC: 4.6

Fri 18th Jan:
Interval session on the treadmill. 1hr at level 5 on my machine which feels about right – sustainable but with effort required. Watched second episode of Tankies on the ipad whilst running. Brilliant.
EAUC: 6.9

Sat 19th Jan:
Properly snowed overnight which put the mockers on any long bike outdoors. So I spent an hour on the weights and core work. Then I went on the rollers for an hour and a half at a low heart rate and between 80 and 90 rpm (fell off three times – still in trainers). And still no relief on the saddle, this could become a concern.
EAUC: 4.6

Sun 20th Jan:
Still snowing. Hit the treadmill for an hour 15 run at long intervals of 6.5 and 7 mph. Covered about 7 miles according to the machine. Currently listening to the Chimp Paradox on audio. Interesting stuff; written by the Team GB’s cycling sports psychologist Dr Steve Peters. I must thank fellow Shed Jase for sharing the knowledge – Thanks Jase.
EAUC: 4.6

In summary: About 7hrs 45m training and 29.9 units of Alcohol. Marginally better than last week on the wine front. Weight at start of week was 10st 11lbs, weight Monday morning was 10st 10lbs. This week has been about the snow, the tiddlers, my wife’s fantastic beef stew and dumplings and my inability to go swimming. Now, if the snow can disappear as quickly as it came that would be very helpful.

If you’re feeling flush please do sponsor my efforts here – all proceeds will go to the Coins Foundation – Thank you, have a good week. Nick.

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