My Gym in the Cellar

Home Gym

My weight training gym in the cellar!

Here’s a picture of my new gym in my old cellar. It’s a fairly simple Argos set up mixed with some other rubbish that I found in the garage. I have an old fan, and old dehumidifier, a plastic chair from Ikea and a bucket (for the fan to sit on). There are no mirrors, no guns being kissed (yet) and nothing too heavy. My routine will focus predominantly on high reps of light weights.

I’ve got a 8kg kettle bell to swing – 3 sets of 30 with minute rests between. Just 20kg on the bench press – 3 sets of 12 with minute intervals. Then a 50kg dead lift – 10 minutes of sets of 10 with minute rests. Plus 25kg leg raises on the end of the bench (not sure of the proper name) again, 3 sets of 12 with minute rests.

When I get the chin up bar installed I try a few of them too – let you know how that goes.

The goal is not to put on more weight and muscle but to get stronger and leaner. Ideally, I want to be able to do at least 3 sessions on the weights a week and slowly increase weights and sets incrementally as I get stronger. If you can recommend any other good work outs with weights then please let me know. My next plan is to find somewhere that is not damp or covered in spiders to do push-ups and core work!

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