169 days to go…

A download of my training for week 6. Highlights this week included getting in the pool and repeatedly falling off the TT bike whilst trying to master rollers. I also tried a new approach to wine consumption, in that I’ve introduced red wine into the equation. So far so good…

Monday 7th Jan:
Rest day.
Evening Alcohol Unit Count [EAUC]: 4.6

Tues 8th Jan:
1hr run on the treadmill – level 5 intervals
Swimshed first session: Balance drills in the superman position. This briefly involves reaching out with the hands as if holding a VW beetle’s headlights, squeezing the butt cheeks whilst performing two kicks of the feet and then into three fluid arm strokes (core going first obviously) and all to the tune and first three lines of ‘House of the rising sun’ by the Animals… This is not at all odd for a swimming lesson with Keith. We also decided to make a pledge at this stage that I was to become the best swimmer I can be by the time I reach the start line – see My Goals for Ironman Austria.
EAUC: 6.9

Wed 9th Jan:
Transition training involving 45 minutes on the TT bike and then quickly into a 15 minute run on the treadmill.
Seems straightforward enough? Well, I chose to buy some rollers to break the tedium of the turbo and it turns out riding a TT bike on rollers is not easy. So, having fallen off the thing four times during the workout I now also pledge to be able to not fall off the rollers as soon as is humanly possible. There is a video of me wobbling badly holding on for dear life here – I sincerely hope I get better at this!
EAUC: 2.3

Thurs 10th Jan:
Put the bike safely back onto the turbo for a spin session in relative safety.
100 rpm for 1 hour whilst watching David Attenborough’s ‘AFRICA’ on the ipad.
EAUC: 6.9 (Red. Lovely. Pinot Noir from Harvey Nicholls xmas hamper)

Fri 11th Jan:
Ran for 40 minutes on the treadmill in the ‘Level 5 interval mode’ whilst watching a couple of TED talks on the ipad.
Will do that again, time flew!
EAUC: 4.3 (Back to white).

Sat 12th Jan:
Set up weights bench in the cellar. Looks like a dungeon.
Have devised a strength training plan which involves bench press, dead lift bar, kettle bell, chin bar and a gym ball – aim to hit the weights at least twice a week. Practiced on the rollers again – fell off twice – but getting better.
EAUC: 6.9 (Red again, a Chianti).

Sun 13th Jan:
Fantastic ride out with Rob and Jase again this week. We rode out at 7.20am, it was minus 1 bloody degrees C and dark, but I loved it. This week we were joined by double Outlaw Neil who showed us his heals for the majority of the 40 mile ride. Ride stats: 40.54 miles in 2hrs 35 mins, Av 15.7 mph. Not bad for a freezing hilly ride in January.
EAUC: 4.6. Inc. a lovely pint of Guinness with a cheese burger at the Cock in Stony. Well deserved.

In summary: About 8hrs training and an alarming 36.5 units of Alcohol. Bugger. Weight at start of week was 10st 9lbs, weight Monday morning was 10st 11lbs. Oh dear. Am consoling myself with the fact that muscle weighs more than fat and that the weights I did on Saturday are clearly to blame. I’m sure I’m over egging the wine unit measurement. Looking back, and by my calculations, I should be plastered most evenings, which I promise I’m not… It’s time for a proper measuring procedure with a proper measuring jug. Or perhaps just drink less wine?

If you feel able please do sponsor my efforts here – all proceeds will go to the Coins Foundation – Thank you. Nick.

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