9 simple beginner tips to master your TT bike on rollers


This isn’t me!

Rollers are great when you’re up and rolling but, my gosh, do they give you a beating if, like me, you’re a beginner. But hey, we all have to start somewhere so, with that in mind, here are my tips for the beginner roller.

  1. Put the Rollers between a door frame so your elbows can catch your fall
  2. Don’t clip into your TT bike pedals for the first few rides, use a pair of trainers
  3. When you’re up and going, give yourself time to get used to relaxing on the bike, feeling how it reacts to the slightest movement
  4. Don’t try to dive into the aero position immediately, try one hand/arm at a time – this was the root cause to all my pain!!
  5. Get used to changing tri-bar positions and gears before progressing away from the door frame
  6. When brave enough, move away from the door frame and get a couple of stools or small chairs either side of the TT bike
  7. Remember: You can brake at anytime, at any speed, just brake before you’ve actually fallen off!
  8. Persevere. It does get easier to know when you are about to fall off.
  9. The more you practice and, the more you relax, the easier the whole experience becomes. Honest.

Hopefully, these simple bike roller tips will help to keep some of the bruises and blushes to a minimum. Final thought; don’t let the family dog in when your just beginning either, he will rarely help. Below is a video of me, still in my trainers, wobbling rather gingerly on the rollers having already come off at least twice. Don’t laugh 🙂

Good luck. And as always any other tips gratefully received.

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