175 days to go…

With just 175 or so days to go, here’s a download of my training for wk 5 of my 30 week plan (as a platform to build from I’m going to start by following Don Finks intermediate 30 week Ironman plan). Just so we’re clear, I didn’t bother with weeks 1 – 4 due to general lethargy.

As a quick caveat this blog is entirely for my own benefit. I’ll be very surprised if a) anyone is remotely interested and b) if I actually manage to keep up with the weekly updates ‘til race day:

Monday 31st Dec:
Rest day. Cracking start to any training plan.

Tues 1st Jan:
1hr run at 6.30am and then failed to go swimming / Evening alcohol unit count: 0.

Wed 2nd:
Morning: 30 mins on turbo (indoor bike) & 15 min run / Evening alcohol unit count: 2.3 units. One paltry glass of wine.

Thurs 3rd:
Swapped plan for Fridays due to tiddlers first day back at school. Managed 1hr run early doors. Evening alcohol unit count: 4.6 units. Two glasses of wine.

Fri 4th:
Ignored the swimming element (again) and did 45 mins on the turbo at 100rpm. Thought about all the unintended consequences of taking up triathlon (the good, and the not so good). I will force myself to write a post later. Evening alcohol unit count: 6.9 units. Three glasses of wine.

Sat 5th:
Our wedding anniversary! Did a long (1:15hr) slow outdoor run with NeeNaws the pooch. Evening alcohol unit count: Unknown. Indian Restaurant visit = Wine, beer, champagne. Not necessarily in that order.

Sun 6th:
Early morning: Long bike ride, 39 miles, 2hrs 30 ish with training buddies Rob and Jase. Afternoon: Long dog walk with the faaaamily. Evening alcohol unit count: 9.2 units. massive roast and 4 glasses of wine with more Faaaamily.

In summary: 6hrs 30mins of slow training. Could have been about 8hrs 30min with the swimming but that didn’t happen. Wine intake was good after a poor start, peaking on Saturday but Sunday ran it close. Anyway, given an average of 2.3 units of alcohol in a 175ml glass of wine (source: BBC) and also taking into account the recommended limit for men per week is 21 units, I clearly need to work on this aspect of my training. As an aside my weight on Jan 01 was 10st 11. On Sunday 6th Jan it was 10st 9ish. My target race weight is 10st 5ish.

Note: There is no science or real intended relationship between the personal facts and stats I’ve mentioned, so draw your own conclusions and don’t ask me clever questions – I won’t know the answer – all advice gratefully received though.

However, I will say this, I probably need to halve my alcohol intake to get to my target weight which frankly I’m not happy about. So, we’ll just have to see how it all goes.

If you feel so inclined (and I’d be eternally grateful), you can sponsor my efforts here – all proceeds will go to the Coins Foundation

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